• Adeyeye O. Ayomide

      Adeyeye O. AyomideC.E.O.

      He has worked selflessly with his team for several years as a major team player…

    • Johnni Bisgaard Jensen

      Johnni Bisgaard JensenDENMARK

      John is Olaadex Norway 🇳🇴 foreign partner and representative in Denmark 🇩🇰 on int…

    • Mrs Lillian Ma

      Mrs Lillian MaDirector of Operation

      Mrs. Lillian is FOGS GROUP China Representative

    • Mr.Salvatore Tillota

      Mr.Salvatore TillotaFOREIGN PARTNER SPAIN, ITALY

      The C.E.O and founder of FortitudoSL and Foreign partner of Olaadex int’l Services Limited. He runs a privately-owned trading and business development company established to provide services to global customers.

    • Emudiaga Oyiboakpo


      Mr. Mudi is a bold and highly sophisticated leader with vast experience in customer relation…

    • Mr Tomo Golob

      Mr Tomo GolobCHINA, HONG KONG

      Mr Tom Golob is a marine consultant senior surveyor and partner at standard &Fairwind’s Limited HK. He is an experienced professional with a proven record of work in…

    • Capt. Marijan Toncic

      Capt. Marijan ToncicFOREIGN PARTNER SLOVENIA

      He is the founder of Gasmar Limited, Slovenia and a foreigner partner of Olaadex int’l Service Limited…

    • Mr. Luka Toncic

      Mr. Luka ToncicSLOVENIA

      Mr. Luka Toncic, college graduate in Maritime Engineering, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    • Mr. Jure Toncic

      Mr. Jure ToncicSLOVENIA

      Mr. Jure Toncic, certified officer of the watch, college graduate in Maritime Engineering, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    • Peter Friday

      Peter FridayHEAD OF OPERATIONS

      A smart leader with vast knowledge/experience in the Oil and Gas Industry


Interior Renovation 95%
Paver Walkways 72%
Tiling and Painting 60%
Solar Systems 75%
Household Repairs 62%
Design and Build 82%


  • "Gold is where you find it, according to an old adage, but judging from the record of our experience, oil must be sought first of all in our minds."

    Wallace Pratt, (1885–1981)
  • "My formula for success? Rise early, work late, strike oil."

    Jean Paul Getty
    Oil Magnate


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